Hello and a very warm welcome to my first ever blog post!

I have been wanting to start up a blog for a while now, however the longer I left it the more pressure I incurred upon myself to pick the perfect topic. So here I am now, at 11pm on a Wednesday night, throwing caution to the wind and, with not nearly enough pre-meditation, writing my first blog post.

You see, today I had my first ever University interview.

I know, the sentence alone is enough to induce a wave of anxiety.

As you may predict from my general tone, I don’t think it went particularly well. From the moment I stepped into the room I was comparing myself to the other candidates and therefore I immediately diminished any slight slither of confidence I may have entered the room with. This moment for me then set the tone for the entire interview process; it seemed I had given up before I had already begun.

I left the interview feeling so incredibly disappointed with myself. Why is it that only after a conversation has happened that we can think of the perfect things to have said? And why do we continue to torture ourselves by thinking of the potential consequences that could have derived had we only stuck to the scripts in our heads?

However, it occurred to me on the particularly grueling train journey home, that actually it is incredibly normal and common to feel inadequate and to second guess yourself. Sometimes you simply need to take a step back and make a mental note of things that you have done well; celebrate the small victories.

It was this thought that encouraged me to write this blog post to stress the importance of self-worth and how this can be achieved through small acts of self-care.

So for anyone who may be struggling with the stress of applying for university, starting a new job, revising for exams, or is just feeling a little bit overwhelmed by life itself (because let’s face it, sometimes simply living can be incredibly taxing), please take the time to read through my little tips and pick me ups on how to exercise a little bit of self care in our incredibly demanding lives.

  1. Have a bath –
    Whilst this seems like the most obvious and cliche solution, there really is no better way to relax than by having a bath. To make it that bit more pampering, try adding a bath bomb or some bath oil; your skin will feel great afterwards. It is also the perfect time to sit and reflect on your day and ponder all the positives that came from it.
    My personal favourite bath bomb is the Comforter from Lush. It smells so beautiful and is strong enough that you only need a small crumble at a time, meaning it can last longer than most bath bombs.
    The Comforter bubble bar
  2.  Try out a new skincare product –
    Whether it be a body butter, a facial wash, or a moisturizer, finding and testing a new product can work wonders for your mood. Something about doing so just causes you to radiate positivity and confidence; this is an immediate pick me up for me.
    The skincare product I am loving right now is the Vitamin E moisturizer from The Body Shop. It’s so great for hydrating dry skin, as soon as I put it on I feel as though my entire face is glowing.
    Image result for vitamin e cream the body shop
  3. Do something because you want to do it
    Too often we can find ourselves wrapped up in the opinions and views of others, and allow the fear of how others perceive us to limit and shape our every day lives and how we choose to live. A primary example of this being this blog. One of the reasons it has taken me to long to pluck up the courage to dive in and begin writing, is because of the fear of what people will say. Will people think I am trying too hard? Will people I know read my posts? Will people I know laugh at my posts? Will anyone read my posts? But here I am, writing my first blog post and feeling more accomplished than ever!
    It is the most empowering feeling to be doing something and not give a f*ck about what anyone has to say about it, and empowering yourself is one of the best ways to practice self love.
  4. Tidy –
    Whilst this is a verb that many of us loathe with a passion, it is strangely enough one of the best pick me ups when you are feeling overwhelmed. During times where I am feeling particularly worn down I struggle to even have the energy to reach over to put my rubbish in the bin, let alone tackle the mess in my room that is beginning to resemble Zara stores during sale. However, once it’s done you feel so much clearer and as though a huge weight has been lifted. It sets a foundation for you on which to begin solving/facing any other stresses or worries.

There are many other ways in which we can practice self-care, however this is my first post after all, and I don’t want to bore you with a seemingly never ending list just yet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope that it was/is able to help you even just a small amount.

Until next time!

Bethany x